CANCER SUCKS.  We know this.  But you never have to go through it alone.

I welcome everyone to join in the fight of this horrible disease.

This is my 6th year doing Over the Edge.  At first I was afraid to do this.  Heights scare me.  But each time you bite the bullet and just go for it.

Cancer has robbed myself, my family, and my friends of time with loved ones.  It rips away those young and old from those who care, those who love, those who just wish for one more day, one more smile, one more laugh ... one more ANYTHING.  I cherish what time I’ve had with family and friends.  Because you are never given FOREVER.

Losing my mom to cancer when she was only 48 was/is heartbreaking. I wasn’t ready for it! We are NEVER ready.  Losing multiple family members to this disease leaves a hole in your heart that will always be there.  I have also lost friends to cancer.  Cancer does not discriminate against age.  But when you are given a chance to tell their story, to keep their memory alive, you do it.

And having been diagnosed with cancer myself in 2016 at the age of 34 taught me that you can never say “it will never happen to me.” Including a recurrence in 2017.  I am now 6 years cancer free.  And I would not have gotten here without the support of my wife, My dad, my brother, my family, the ladies of the Ovarian Cancer Connection, and my friends and my guardian angels from above, and of course The Victory Center.  I know I can lean on them and that they will always be there for me.

By donating to me you are providing those with cancer and their loved ones with services through The Victory Center such as yoga, arts and crafts, reiki, massages, wig banks, and so much more.  

Please consider donating.  We need you to keep The Victory Center going and to keep services for cancer patients and loved ones free of charge.

As my mom would say “Don’t Count the Days.  Make the Days Count.”