¡Hola amigos!  OK friends and family, I´m “going over the edge”!  If you are not familiar with the Victory Center, it is an amazing organization in Toledo, supporting cancer patients and their caregivers.  They provide everything from free wigs, hats, counseling, support groups, art therapy, massage….. it goes on and on.  One of their biggest fund raisers of the year is when many volunteers (or victims) go “over the edge”.  We rappel down the Edison/Key Bank building.  We have to raise $1250 to be able to climb up and rappel down the building.  It´s a dear cause for me and many friends, so I´m going to go over the edge again!  (I´ve done it four times).  If you have any desire to support the Victory Center, please go donate to the rappelers, and look for my name.  100% goes to the Victory Center, for them to provide endless service for patients and their families. 


Go to this link: https://ote4victory.org/list.cfm, and click on my name.  It is all tax deductible, FYI.