I will be rappelling 16 stories down the Toledo Edison Building to raise funds and awareness for The Victory Center in the name of our special unicorn survivor, Stephanie Doyle!

Steph is a wife and mom of three young girls and is in another battle with breast cancer. It’s moved to other parts of her body and she’s ready to fight this again!

Stephanie has had so many things that have been unexplainable, from a slipped bone in her ear, to not having a genetic link to breast cancer, or being allergic to a Chemo drug. The list goes on.  Her childhood best friend Sandi also has several crazy medical issues, so they came with the nickname of “unicorns” and along came the Unicorn Squad!

Unicorns are thought to be good, pure creatures with magical powers and their horns have magical healing qualities, according to Urban myths :)

Steph needs all the healing she can get as she prepares for war on breast cancer once again!
Please help us raise funds so we have the opportunity to rappel in her honor and send this money to support the important work of The Victory Center! 

Find out more about Stephanie and the Unicorn Squad here: https://www.wtol.com/article/news/friends-aim-to-help-unicorn-squad-member-whose-cancer-has-returned/512-f958975c-e2c8-4bce-9296-135adc492ed6