This is my “why”…   When you get diagnosed with cancer (for the 2nd time), you can either say ”Why me?” and go into self-pity mode or seek something good that might come out of it. As said by another cancer patient, “you can’t wait for life to not be hard before deciding to being happy”, so I chose to stay positive!

Helping other breast cancer patients, particularly participants of the Victory Center is my “why”.

Especially since this is my second time battling this pervasive disease, I feel I can use my experience to help others navigate the confusing array of treatments, side effects, options, and emotions that come with a cancer diagnosis. The work that I have been able to do with other participants through the wig bank has been extremely rewarding and I want to continue to support the organization that helped me to heal, and that allows me to continually give back to other cancer patients.

This time, I decided that if I had to deal with all the unpleasant aspects that go along with a cancer diagnosis, I was going to do it my way; that included using cryotherapy to keep my hair, pushing my doctors to let me lift weights and kickbox as soon as I was physically able, and rappelling down a huge building!  #mycancermyrules.

I will be rappelling 16 stories on Thursday, September 8 to raise funds and awareness for The Victory Center!
Please consider making a donation to help fund FREE programs and services for newly diagnosed cancer patients, cancer survivors and their caregivers. 100% of funds raised will stay in our community.

My Progress
My Donors
  • Kelly Johnson $50.00
    You are such an inspiration, Kris.
  • Debbie Matthews $25.00
  • Cary Richey $50.00
  • Carrie Hiler $25.00
  • Dominique Wells $100.00
    Kris is my hero and inspiration! Keep kicking Cancer's ASS!
  • Judith Carnivale $25.00
    HANG in there Kris.
  • Anonymous Donor $50.00
  • Sarah Graman $50.00
  • Toni Stefan $50.00
    You are an inspiration to us all..!!
  • Carol Lewandowski $100.00
  • Julie Dibble $25.00
  • Connie Zolg $100.00
  • Erika Lahote $50.00
    So proud of you!
  • Loretta Willey $100.00
    Your positive outlook and strength are always inspiring
  • Deb Dauer $250.00
  • Joanna Sanchez $25.00
  • Michael Layne $25.00
    Kris you are an inspiration! So thankful to work with you every day!
  • Lisa Wilson $100.00
    From your shoes to your $*!?%, I have and will continue to be in complete AWE of you. Go Kris!
  • Toni Gadberry $50.00
    Kris I don’t think I can possibly admire you one more ounce! You are a true powerhouse!
  • Liana Kingston $100.00
    Kris, you're the bravest person I've ever met. 16 stories is nothing ;-)
  • Susan Andersonperry $100.00