What's the famous expression?  When life hands you lemons, grab a harness, repel off a building, and help a great organization make some lemonade!  That's it, right?

My name is Kirsten Hinshaw and I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma after having my first-ever mammogram at the age of 41.  With the help of a team of talented medical professionals and a great support system, I have been through surgery, then radiation, and I will continue hormone treatment for the next ten years to tell cancer that it can go away for good!

I am a MOTHER (hey, Bug!), a WIFE (hey, Scot!), a DAUGHTER (hey, Mom and Dad!), a SISTER (hey, Sissy!), a DOG-MOM (hey, Gander!) a DANCE-MOM (hey, Company C!), an EDUCATOR (hey, St. Ursula!), an old-and-tired actor (hey, Croswell Opera House!), and a THEATRE-DIRECTOR (hey again, SUA!).  I love all things related to Broadway, Northern Michigan, NYC delis, black coffee, Costa Rica, big cities, teaching, directing, Chicago, the Great Lakes, hosting parties, inviting myself to people's cottages, and big, goofy dogs. Cancer is the least interesting thing about me.

I am repelling to celebrate the end of my own cancer treatment, and to also celebrate the life of my school's beloved principal, Nichole Flores. 

I hope you'll consider supporting me.  And for my fellow Broadway nerds out there....it's going to be "me and the sky!"