I will be rappelling 16 stories down the Toledo Edison Building to raise funds and awareness for The Victory Center! ... Wait, WHAT? What did I sign up for???

1. What is The Victory Center?
An amazing place. I'll let them explain it: "Our mission is to provide hope and support to cancer patients, survivors, and those closest to them. Since 1996 we have been reaching out to cancer patients and their families in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan… providing love, support, compassion, hope and laughter. In 2018 alone, we provided nearly 11,000 services to those in the community going through the journey of a lifetime. We are completely privately funded – no government money or health insurance reimbursements – so the generosity of businesses and individuals keeps us going."

2. Okay, sounds great, but what is this fundraiser?
[goes back to read the fine print] Um, I'm going to try to raise a bunch of money so The Victory Center can do great work in the commnuity, and if I'm one of the first to pass the $1000 mark, I get to rappel ..."...down a 16-story building in downtown Toledo to benefit cancer patients and survivors." Wow. That's crazy!

3. What are you thinking???
"Hold my beer?"

4. Seriously, why do this?
There are so many people in my heart as I commit to this fundraiser, but I have to admit this is mostly for my mother as she starts her own journey of healing. She has such a great attitude and outlook, and I want to contribute to this wonderful organization that I know can offer her so much assistance over the coming months. Help me reach my goal and get the opportunity to do this crazy thing that my amazing mother will probably be too nervous to watch so I can demonstrate how very much I love and support her. :)